Chilblains - Itchy Swollen Toes

Chilblains (also known as pernio and perniosis) is a medical condition.  Chilblains are acral ulcers that occur when a predisposed individual is exposed to cold and humidity. The cold exposure damages capillary beds in the skin, which in turn can cause redness, itching, blisters, and inflammation.  Chilbains can occur on fingers and toes.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Once Chilblains Develops You Should

Once Chilblains develops you should not rub your toes and scratch them.  Try keep your feet warm, but do not expose them directly to the heat.  You can try to put on some kind of smoothing lotion.  I remember using calamine lotion, but it didn't really help me so much.  But it did kinda lessen the irritation and itch.  Padding your toes with your warm hands can relieve some of your irritation as well.  Wear wool socks to keep your foot warm.   You should definitely go contact your physician.  The Chilblains that I developed was not as severed.  If you have bad blood circulation it can get severe.  So make sure your contact your physician.

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